Join us, and you can expect to see your leaders and colleagues living our values. Everyone here does. It helps make sure new employees are instantly valued and able to contribute.?

Meet our people from around the world

Around 31,700 people work for Aviva in the UK, across Europe, Asia and North America.? We spoke to just a few of them and asked what’s the best thing about working for Aviva, what makes our people proud to work here, and how are we making tomorrow stronger?

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Our values: never rest, kill complexity, care more, and create legacy shape our culture too. A culture which encourages innovation, experimentation and learning in order to deliver for our customers.?

If we all take pride in Aviva's values, we'll all be working together towards the same goals - collaboration makes for a much stronger team. Each year we carry out an all-employee global survey. We ask our people to tell us where we're strong and where we need to improve.

The change in culture has been profound. It’s exciting to watch how not only do we look after our customers, but we look after the individuals that work here too.
Neil Dodd, UK Aviva Employee

Our people strategy

Our global people strategy sets out how we will accelerate our performance from the inside out. We will:

  • Focus on our customers by connecting the day-to-day activities of our people with our purpose.
  • Give our people the freedom to act in line with our values.
  • Make leadership a way of life so all our people contribute to delivering our strategy and think independently. We want leaders who dream big and move fast in everything they do.
  • Create an inclusive and diverse environment so that everyone can be themselves.
  • Actively invest in the skills, mind-sets and future capabilities we need to win in a digital age.

Equal paid parental leave for Aviva employees

We give our people in the UK, Ireland, France, Singapore, Canada and Italy equal paid parental leave. Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation or how you become a parent – birth, adoption or surrogacy – you’re entitled to the same amount of paid and unpaid time off. We’re working to extend this benefit to all our people.

Since we launched it in 2017, we’ve learnt a lot. Watch our video to find out more and see the impact it’s had for some of our people:?

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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is key to Aviva being a sustainable, successful business. We believe high-performing teams value the power of difference.?Read more about our approach to diversity and inclusion.?

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of how we do business. An inclusive culture ensures that our people can be themselves at work and contribute their best thinking.
Sabina Khanom, Global Senior Inclusion Partner

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