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Aviva Community Fund

The Aviva Community Fund supports causes that make a real difference.

Lady in vineyard as part of the Vigne de Cocagne project

You put forward a project that benefits your community, and it could get funding.??

The Aviva Community Fund started in 2009. Since then, it's run in Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Poland, Singapore, the UK, Vietnam, China and Ireland.

Since 2009, we have given hundreds of organisations across ten countries the chance to win funding to make a difference in their local communities. Our community fund is currently running in?France,?Italy, the?UK, Vietnam?and Ireland.

It’s not just about prize funds?

The projects support causes such as environment, health, education and inclusion. Winning projects include sports clubs, gardening initiatives, after-school projects and ecological agriculture.

Through sharing our skills and experience, Aviva seeks to empower projects to help even more people, which is done through roadshows, webinars and digital materials.

Aviva Community Fund across the world

Each country has run their Aviva Community Fund according to their particular business focus or need in their local communities.

Highlights from 2018 include:

  • To celebrate its tenth year of engaging with communities, Aviva Canada turned neighbours into friends by backing #BetterTogether events from coast to coast.
  • Aviva Vietnam’s contribution to corporate social responsibility through the ACF was recognised by the Vietnam Economic Times’ Golden Dragon Award.
  • Aviva Italy, for the third successive year, received a medal of recognition from the President of the Italian Republic for its positive impact in the community.